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Lack of carninutrients, nutrients found primarily in meat sources, such as Carnitine, Creatine, Carnosine, Choline, DHA and others can stop some vegans reaching their full energy potential, and may put them at enhanced risk to various medical conditions. Check out the “In Depth” sections to see an overview of all the research indicating increases in sports and mental performance associated with supplementation.


Understanding genetics is key to understanding why some vegans fail to maintain a vegan diet, for example, some people cannot convert the inactive form of vitamin A, Beta-Carotene, found in plants, into the active form, retinol. Some vegans have an increased need for Choline or DHA. Vegan Powah also contains all the key vitamins and minerals that are rare or absent on a vegan diet, required by all genotypes, including b12 and iodine.


Vegan Powah comes packed with 2000iu of Vitamin D and 10mg of Zinc, which together help maintain the normal function of the immune system. Vegan Powah is designed to provide optimum dosages of the most effective forms of its ingredients, and by combining all into one product, be around 50% cheaper than buying seperate supplements, whilst ease of use makes it more likely you will maintain your regimen.

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European descendants with problematic PEMT rs7946 gene for Choline Synthesis
Of people struggle to convert Vitamin A from plant sources.
Reduction in free Carnitine in Vegans vs Omnivores
People with problematic ELOVL2 rs953413 gene for DHA synthesis

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What Will Vegan Powah Do For You


February 3

Day 2

People with common genetic variants may experience a surge in energy from CDP Choline as it replenishes acetylcholine in the nervous system

February 2

First Week

Potential improvements in vitality from recovery from various nutritional deficiencies from nutrients such as B12, Vitamin A, K2

February 1

Second week

Vitamin D and Zinc levels increase and regulate normal functioning of the immune system.

January 31

A few weeks

Raising levels of Taurine and Carnitine may aid in sports recovery and performance. People with poor genetic conversion of carnitine may see recovery from carnitine deficiency.

January 30

A few months

People with common genotypes resulting in reduced ability to create DHA may experience improved neurological function as Omega 3s are replenished in brain.

January 29

A few months

As creatine levels raise in the brain, studies suggest that vegans should experience improved memory and intelligence due to increased production of energy in the brain.

January 28


Protection of long term effects from B12 and other nutrient deficiencies.

January 27


Consistent use of DHA has been shown to be protective against decreasing brain mass.

January 25


Protection against bone fractures as K2 and vitamin D regulate normal calcium deposits in the body.

January 24


Daily use of resveratrol has been shown to increase longevity in several animal stuides.